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App Name: Incognito — Private Browser

Subtitle: Private browsing from anywhere

Created by: Adam Overholtzer, owner of Overdesigned, LLC

Platform: iOS 13.2+, iPadOS 13.2+

Price: Free download. Free 14-day trial IAP to try everything for two weeks. US$1.99 IAP to unlock everything forever.


Incognito is a private web browser you can pull up anywhere. From any app: long-press a link or select text, tap “Share”, and then choose the Incognito action extension. Boom: instant web browser!

Need to lock people out of your web history or bookmarks? Incognito can do that too!

Incognito is great for:

  • Viewing a web page inside the current app without jumping to Safari.
  • Opening sketchy links without risking your privacy.
  • Reopening a web page with cookies disabled — and yes, that means Incognito lets you dodge most paywalls.
  • Searching Google from anywhere — just select the text you want to search for, choose “Share” from the context menu, and then launch the “Search in Incognito” action!
  • Keeping your web history and bookmarks private and passcode-locked. Or you can disable browsing history and leave no trace!

Incognito is also a Swiss Army Knife of web tools:

  • Open a page in another browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, or DuckDuckGo.
  • Remove AMP so you can browse or share the original URL.
  • Translate the page using Google Translate (beta).
  • Clear your session history.

Incognito is all about privacy:

  • All web browsing is in “private mode” by default, so all cookies and web data are discarded after each session.
  • Incognito has no ads, no third-party trackers, and does not send or re-route your web searches anywhere.
  • If you require extra privacy, Incognito has options to disable browsing history and/or exclude it from your iCloud Backups.

Incognito is free to download and try for 14 days. Once the trial trial ends, unlock the app forever for a small, one-time fee.

Incognito was created by Adam Overholtzer, an independent developer living in California.

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