Kamigami Jurassic World
iOS/Android apps • Dash Robotics & Mattel • 12/2017 – 3/2018


Challenge: Redo the Kamigami Robots app for a Jurassic World walking dinosaur toy. Give the robot more personality and physical interactivity, and increase user engagement with the app. And do it all in ten weeks.

Role: Software team lead, UX designer, iOS developer. I led a team of four developers, plus a couple design contractors who provided artwork.


Because of the aggressive timeline, I needed to be pragmatic: I mapped the current capabilities of our apps and robots onto a proposed set of “dinosaur” interactions we could build from those.

To increase engagement, I proposed “coding challenges” that would unlock features elsewhere in the app. These would be framed as a way for the user to upgrade and customize — i.e., “evolve” — their dinosaur. Challenges would build off of our existing coding UI and gameplay engine, which would minimize the new development required.

Design Concepts

App Flow